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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A True Halloween Horror

A true life slasher film.

A massacre of the worst kind.

Blatant inhumane brutality.

 Every year, millions of pumpkins are sliced open, gutted, and left for dead on neighborhood doorsteps, maybe even by people you know. Even children are trained at an early age to participate in the brutal slaying of these innocent squashes. After suffering through this anguish, most are not even given a respectable burial (laid to rest in a compost pile), but are kicked to the curb like rubbish to be picked up by the local garbage man. Do they not deserve better?

All of the following scenes are real. They contain graphic images of the carnage left behind after Halloween. We apologize if the images are offensive to our viewers. We felt that the use of such explicit photographs were needed to demonstrate the reality of the national crisis effecting our orange friends.
carved pumpkinsPumpkins

Halloween pumpkins
Is there a way to end this bloodbath? The Feisty Organics have a way! Pumpkins are food. Rich in lutein and beta-carotene, they are meant to be used for nourishment and comfort, and there are a variety of ways you can add these nutritious squashes to your meals. Click for recipes!

 Will you stand idly by as our food supply is left to rot in the streets? Join The Feisty Organics in this crusade. You can offer to dispose of your neighbors’ pumpkin corpses for a proper burial (compost bin), you can create seed bombs from carcasses found in gullies, but most of all, you can do your part by keeping pumpkins FOOD!

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