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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Veggie Cooking- A simple cooking chart

When I am in the kitchen cooking a meal I usually get into a certain groove. I am listening to my favorite pandora radio station, daydreaming that  I am a well renowned world chef that is respected by the culinary community world wide (oh like you don't ever daydream!). When suddenly, as I am making a grab for  broccoli to use in a dish that sounds more fancy than it actually is, my mind draws a blank. I forget how long I am suppose to cook broccoli. My daydream suddenly dissipates and I am reduced to nothing more than a shady greasy spoon diner cook heating up Beef-a-roachini. Before I go into full stage 10 panic mode I remember my cheat sheet.My five-star chef daydream will live to cook another delectable meal! Below is a veggie cooking guide I like to use when I am cooking veggies because, lets face it we all have mind blanks from time to time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Purity Products: Amazing Oranges Product Review

I am normally not a supplement type of lady,but with the flu and noravirus running rampant throughout the school that I am employed , I decided to give my immunity a boost by trying Purity Products : Amazing Oranges which promises a product that is formulated to help support healthy immunity function, endurance, stamina, mental clarity, cardiovascular function and energy levels.

Amazing Oranges is a powdered supplement that contains oranges, tangerines, peaches, pineapple, cantaloupe, clementines,apricot,papaya,mango, persimmons, nectarines, and kumquats. Aside from fruits,Amazing Oranges also includes several vegetables such as ; carrots, pumpkin, butternut-squash,yams, and rutabaga. The supplement contains 6x more vitamin C than you would find in a 8 oz. glass of orange juice. It also contains fibersol-2 which is a ingredient that feeds the good bacteria found in the stomach.The Powder comes in a 279 gram bottle which will last 30 days. It is $54.95 or you can order a automatic delivery which is $39.95 and will save you 27%. If scooping powder is to messy, You  can also order the Amazing Oranges go packs. The box includes 30 packets and are $59.95 for a 30 day supply or  $42.95 if you choose automatic delivery.

I tried the product for 30 days and surprisingly it exceeded all my expectations. The taste was pleasantly delicious and wasn't thick. I did feel like my energy levels were stable throughout the whole work day. However ,if you're looking for a jittery energy buzz then you won't find it with Amazing Oranges. The fiber increase from the product caught me by surprise during by first couple of uses ,but it was very benefiting. I believe, Purity Products has a made a supplement that is high quality and beneficial.

Who should buy this product?
This product is for anybody interested in increased immune system support and more energy without all the jitters.

  • The taste ....if you like Tang then you will enjoy Amazing Oranges.
  • It really does provide you with more energy ,but not in the red bull burst of energy sort of way. 
  • It's full of vitamin A, C, and D. 
  • No energy crash. 
  • The price ...a 30 day supply will cost you $54.95.
  • The powder takes awhile to dissolve and even after stirring a bit longer , I still had lumps filled with dry powder in my glass.
 Interested in buying?
Then you can visit the Purity Products website and purchase yourself a bottle.

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