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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Scary Truth About Movie Theater Snacks

 As I walk into the local Carmike 20 Movie Theater one of the first smells to invade my nostrils is the buttery aroma of extra salty popcorn. My mouth instantly starts to water and immediately I am trying to resist the urge to shell out $10 for one of those overpriced hypertension in a bucket snacks. The nutritional values are not printed on popcorn containers so often times I am left wondering how  bad was that small popcorn I just devoured. Well lucky for me, I will wonder no more, thanks to the infograph The Scary Truth About Movie Theater Snacks. Now, the next time I get the urge to splurge on movie snacks I will just sneak in my own healthier ones :). 

Disclaimer- The Feisty Organics does not condone sneaking in snacks brought from home into movie theaters. It was just a little joke....or was it? 

 To find out the nutritional value of  movie theater snacks checkout the infographic below.

Via Diet To Go


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  2. Awesome, the Reese's Pieces one really surprised me. They're just so good...

    1. They are real good and even hard for me to resist!


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