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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Natural Dog Repellants

Sooner or later every puppy parent will have to address training little furry paws too keep off certain furniture that is in the house or from chewing aunt Betty's fifty year old antique dining table.One successful method that many dog owners use to deter their dearly beloved pet from unwanted furniture is repellants. They are a favorite for most dog owners because, they are easy to use and unlike other methods don't require you to use much energy. However, before rushing off to your local pet store , consider making your own natural dog repellant. Not only is it cheaper ,but it also is free from all those harsh chemicals that the store bought repellants contain.


Spray Bottles is a  preferred method many dog owners use to keep their fur baby away from certain furniture . All you need is a plastic spray bottle and some vinegar. My dog hates the smell of vinegar and will gladly stay away from anything that has that smell . Other smells that are unpleasant to dogs are lemon juice/anything citruses or rubbing alcohol. Spray the repellant on and around furniture that you do not want your dog near. If one smell doesn't work then try another until you find one that your dog dislikes.

If your not a fan of spray mixtures then certain essential oils is another effective natural dog repellant. Cinnamon Oil and Eucalyptus are two oils that dogs seem to be repulsed by. Just dab a little bit of one of the essential oils on a old rag and rub on the furniture you wish to keep your dog away from. I use this method often and in my opinion, it is the most effective. Just one whiff of Eucalyptus oil and my fur baby refused to go within a foot of a new DVD rack that I had recently purchased. Other repellants that could be used are cayenne pepper flakes or hot sauce. Just sprinkle the pepper flakes on and around the off limits furniture or dab some hot sauce on the banned piece of furniture. After a taste of cayenne pepper your animal will not want to go anywhere near the furniture.

Liquids may cause staining to some furniture so please be careful. 
Essential oils can be pricey so please use in moderation. 


  1. I have a dog that needs this and tons more!

  2. Me don't be liking the insinuation of this.


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