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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why California Proposition 37 matters

This fall many Californians will have their chance to tell companies such as, Dupont and Monsanto how they really feel about GMO foods when they get the chance to vote on the GMO labeling law named prop. 37. This bill has already stirred the heartstrings and wallets of companies on both sides of the bill.

Companies opposing the bill argue that GMO food has been deemed safe by federal food safety regulators and that unnecessary labeling of their food would result in increase cost for new food labels and will tarnish their food brands because of the negative view consumers have about GMO food.

Supporters of the bill believe that labeling foods that contain genetically modified organisms is a way to educate the consumers about what is being put into the food they are buying.

If passed prop. 37 would make California the first state in America to require companies to label foods that are made with GMO's.

What does prop.37 mean to the rest of the United States?

-A yes vote to prop.37 could give a blueprint for other states to use to get a food labeling bill passed in their state.

-Corporations that sell their food brands nationally may opt. to use one label that states whether their food contains genetically modified organisms instead of spending extra money creating a different label specifically for the state of California.

-After they start losing profit from GMO labeled food, large corporations will be forced to change their crop spending to Non-GMO.

With polls continuously showing that 90 percent or more of Americans want GMO foods labeled all eyes should be on the results of the vote come this November , and what it means for the ongoing battle for the right to know whats in the food we eat.

  Want to know more about California's Proposition 37: California Right to Know Campaign? Head over here.

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  1. If I was from California I would be voted yes for that bill. I don't get why these asshole companies feel like they should be able to toy with lives.


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