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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nutrition For Dogs: 4 "People" Foods that Dogs Can Eat

I will confess, I love my eight month old puppy and treat him like my child. One of the main things I am constantly wondering about is his diet. I try to stick with feeding my puppy a grain free diet that is well balanced  but, it is impossible to give him all the vitamins he needs just by filling his dog bowl with kibble. That is why incorporating these four human superfoods into your dogs diet is an excellent way to give them the extra vitamins they need.

Kale-We all know of the amazing benefits kale  provides for humans but, it also can lower cholesterol in dogs and research suggest it helps prevent canine cancers. Make some kale chips or feed a few leaves to your dog raw as a special treat. I make kale chips for my little furry friend and he loves them.

Blueberries -My puppy will almost take off a finger to get blueberries and it is a good thing because dogs fed blueberries have a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke damage. Blueberries also provide canines with fiber,vitamin K, and manganese.

Carrots are full of antioxidants and just like with humans, carrots can improve your dogs vision, increase heart health and lower blood sugar. 

 Sweet potatoes are a wonderful source of  fiber and contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, beta carotene, and manganese. Sweet potatoes are great sliced and dehydrated as a chewy treat for your dog. There is such a variety of dog treats on the market that we often overlook the simple, healthy, and reasonably priced treats available at your local grocery store.

Remember moderation is the key and always check with your vet before introducing your pet to something new in their diet especially if your dog is taking medications or has a very sensitive digestion system.

here is Abraham my little fur baby! Isn't he cute!!!


  1. What about leemons? Can you geeve a dog a leemon? For making something like leemonaid?

  2. Oh, and by the way, You dog be the cutest in the world.

  3. Well I have to research lemons and I don't think lemonade is the best thing for a dog!

  4. Thanks for the tips, only knew about the carrots. :p

  5. My dog will sneak strawberries out of a bowl. Not pizza, not steak but strawberries! He will also take a bit of your finger off for them. They are harmless for dogs and have lots of good vitamins. (Of course, in moderation!)

    1. Yes my dog loves strawberries,raspberries,bananas .... and most debunks the myth that dogs are only meat eaters!


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