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Monday, August 20, 2012

Our favorite books

What are we doing on dark, stormy nights? Snuggled in bed with a good book, of course.  Here are a couple of recommendations from your favorite Feisty Organics....

The Bohemian Manifesto-This is a whimsical look at life as a bohemian, written in a field guide style, this book captures what it means to live as a free spirit.  Charming graphics and hilarious commentary grace the pages of this must-have. 

What kind of bohemian are you?  Find out here.

The Hobbit
This classic is a must-read for cool Autumn evenings.  As any good host would, be sure to read with a hot pot of tea and a variety of wholesome snacks (in case of any unexpected visitors). The adventures of Bilbo will make you rethink that cozy little hole you found at the base of your backyard tree. Soon you will be searching for faery footprints.  

So....what do you curl up with at night ?

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