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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Social Media Fast

Puttin on my life shoes and going for a hike
Lately I have been feeling really stoic about my life. It seems like I will work from 7-3:30 , get home at four and immediately get sucked into the Internet Black Hole, clicking cute dog video after cute dog video on Youtube, taking the newest quiz to tell me which Friends character I am on Buzzfeed. Before you can say Peter Piper Picks some Pickled Peppers 3 times fast it's 8:00 and I have not achieved anything except I now know what people I graduated high school with ten years ago had for dinner. The sad consequence of my internet prowls is ....I've been missing things that I hold important such as;  my hobbies , watching my favorite, reading a good book, missing valuable conversations with people that are actually in the room with me and giving attention to my favorite pup.  The result- weekends are spent drained and tired .I often cancel plans because I haven't had time to just relax and be  I'm not unwinding and revitalizing myself during the week. After probably years of being part of the social media party  I have came to the decision  that it is time for a complete social media fast. No Instagram , Facebook,Twitter, YouTube,  Tumblr or Blogger. However, I will still be checking my email from time to time, paying my bills online, and texting. What I hope to gain from this little social experiment is too actually see how much a big of influence all of these websites and apps have had on my life, connect with people in a more personal way, and be a more productive active participate in life.  So Tommorrow,  March 17,2014...I am going out of the virtual world and back into the real world. Wish me luck could get ugly!

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