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Monday, October 8, 2012

Cutesy Kiwi Packs Powerful Punch.

Kiwi Health Benefits

picture of kiwiDon't be fooled by it's fuzzy wuzzy exterior and oh-so-cute green and black polkadotty flesh. This adorable little guy is anything but demure. Such a small fruit (about the size and shape of an egg) contains 120% of daily recommended intake of vitamin C. Potassium speaking, it gives the banana a run for it's money. And don't be put off by the fuzz of the skin. The skin is also edible and contains loads of antioxidants (be sure to get organic to avoid pesticide residue). Eating 2-3 kiwis a day is said to have the same blood thinning effect as an aspirin regimen and without any of the harmful side effects! Puree a kiwi into a marinade, and it acts as a natural meat tenderizer. Also, kiwi may be used to help control asthma. Multiple studies have found that "regular inclusion of kiwi fruit in the diet exerts beneficial effects on children with respiratory symptoms associated with asthma."

With all the nutritional value and health benefits of kiwi, it should be a household staple, but surprisingly, it is not frequently on the average American menu. As an informal experiment, 40 school aged children were shown pictures of kiwis both cut open and whole. None were able to identify the berry, with most saying it was a potato.

Kiwis have a very tangy, sweet flavor and contain crunchy little seeds not unlike the seeds of a fig. It makes a wonderful addition to cereal, fruit salad, fruit smoothie, or just eaten whole. However you decide to eat it, this versatile and tasty berry deserves a place at your dinner table. 

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  1. I love me some Kiwi juice and adding kiwi's to my fruit loops!


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